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The price for access to a good-quality site at black-market starts from $100. You still believe that someone will remove viruses from your website cheaper than its cost price? Never send your FTP passwords to anyone if you do not know anything about person/company or haven’t checked the information in advance.

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We always provide full information about us

We are a grave company that deals with malware issues for a long time. We have dozens of satisfied customers all over the world. Before providing site access details you can check our portfolio to make sure that you can trust us. If needed, we can also make a contract.

Each virus “wakes up” at a fixed time and has a unique cloaking, so after its removal, we scan the site for malware each day and provide the warranty.

How to hack the site and infect it with viruses – why one needs this and who reaps benefits?

  1. Hacker scans your site for vulnerability.
  2. After the site is hacked, its access details quickly sold to dealers.
  3. In this kind of an internet-pawnshop, the site’s access details are sold to third-parties, sometimes through multiple people. This depends on the seller honesty.
  4. And only the one who purchased the access, the last person in this chain, infects the site with needed viruses.
  5. In total, lots of people have access to your site and each of them hopes to perform the deal several times. So there can be dozens of viruses from different people on your site.

Tell us about your site and we will count up the price

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Can average programmer remove the viruses from the site?

Generally, no. In order to scan the site and remove the virus one needs to understand the subject area and has experience. Few average web-masters read specialized resources about internet security and have a great experience like those, who deal with this every day.

What are the consequences of the viruses on the site?

The most basic are: removal of the site from the search engines and at the same time removal of all its positions. The loss of reputation among the customers and loss of reputation in web-browsers. As a result many people will not be able to visit your site even after viruses’ removal. Browser will just block the site. The earlier you start removing the viruses from the site, the higher are chances that all aforesaid will not happen with you.

What if the competitor infected the site?

This is unlikely. Viruses are used now in Black Hat SEO and “install” industry. Their aim is income. The time of self-educated geniuses has passed; they created destructive viruses just for fun. Now all viruses are business-oriented.