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  • Hello!
    I would like to say thank you to SeoAlbion for beautiful site that provides products and services for floor surfaces.
    In short terms I got convenient and high quality website and I am extremely satisfied!
    I will definitely continue my business with SeoAlbion and will advise their services to all my friends.
    I wish SeoAlbion all the best on thier way.

    Hodman Managing Director, Concrete Polishing Systems LTD

Adaptive design

We build sites which are perfectly displayed on all possible devices at once. For example, try to visit our site from your mobile device or tablet, you will be surprised by the execution quality.

What website will you get?

A really qualitative website with beautiful design, that will be easy to promote, and thanks to usability it will carry needed information well.

Site Support
After creating the site we give full support, including possible programming, news content, texts, efficiency tracking and also promotion in all its forms.

Seriousness and experience

We are serious professionals with experience, so no one will set any Joomla 1.5. for you.

Have time to send your application today!

Many studios just build sites and do not go deeply into customer's business further . We from our side, offer marketing and promotion. We saw success (and vainness) of clients' business and over years of experience already know, what can be done better and how it can be done, in order to avoid typical problems. We know what site should look like so one would want to buy on it..

Conversion increasing

Our sites meet most of the points of user-friendliness. Site must be convenient! User shouldn't be lost on the site.

About conversion and usability in detail

How much do 100 visits on tours sales site cost? Let's say €2 per click. Then we'll spend €200 for 100 visits.
Daily you and your competitor spend €200 for 100 visits from advertising. So what now? Now you need to increase the number of orders, without increasing the number of visits. So in 100 visits people make not 1, but 4 purchases.

For this you need to "catch" each visitor, site should be noticeable for your customers, it should be built the way so maximum percent of visitors order the product (perform conversion). Then you will be able to spend the same money as your competitor, but you will have more orders. Because the site is built according to marketing and usability standards, the number of people purchased the tour will be bigger.

We will program missing modules fast.

Programming on order: PHP, MySQL; Java, Android; Objective-C, iPhone, iOS. And also:

  • writing of articles
  • delete the viruses from your site
  • finish writing your functional
  • add modules to the sites
  • resolve CMS issues such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla and so on
  • manage servers, VPS
  • technical support in difficult situations
  • web-developer services for your website (some minor things on regular basis, including the content writing)
  • web-design, re-design, CMS changing on your site (e.g. from Joomla to Wordpress)
  • transfer the regular site into the adaptive one(compatible with mobile devices)
We keep the time. Got the task in the afternoon, have it done by the evening!
Order the full site building package from us! We are not just a web-studio, we seriously develop sites and portals. We will inform you the price for site at once, the whole process of ordering the site will be transparent. We have low prices. We are ready to perform SEO optimization(SEO).

Sites building without any hidden fees! From a corporate site to a portal