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Our success in German online perfumery store promotion

It took about three months to put the site on the first page. The customer’s company got the powerful impulse on German market, it was a new trend there at that time (after Austria and the Czech Republic). The store works successfully. We stopped promoting the site about a year ago.

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A long time ago we needed to occupy the whole TOP-10

We build the sites and we decided to occupy all search results with our sites in the Czech Republic and at the same time extrude our competitors. This took 4 weeks. We proved to ourselves that we can do this,but the plan has not been repaid, so satellites were took away from the support. It often happens that even with qualitative knowledge, it's just the war of budgets, who pays more is in the TOP. If TOP is not repaid - site leaves the TOP.
Мы в ТОПе

We also carry out SEO researches

After April, 2012 a serious question appeared about how properly promote sites for Google. It became necessarily to experiment constantly for successful promotion, otherwise site easily can go under the filters. You need to know everything perfectly. So we started carrying out experiments in SEO, in order to decrease the expense part. We sell these research results to other SEO experts through our project AlgoDiscovery.

We know micro-credit subject area

We used to build 2 main and 36 additional sites for credit company. Check out how nice these sites were.

This paragraph is in the replenishment stage

The site was updated in July and our portfolio was not fully uploaded (more then 200 images). Follow the updates.


  • Hello!
    I would like to say thank you to SeoAlbion for beautiful www.hodman.biz site that provides products and services for floor surfaces.
    In short terms I got convenient and high quality website and I am extremely satisfied!
    I will definitely continue my business with SeoAlbion and will advise their services to all my friends.
    I wish SeoAlbion all the best on thier way.

    Hodman Managing Director, Concrete Polishing Systems LTD

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